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Making It Easier

The Ducro aftercare program begins with the first call and extends beyonds the funeral, providing emotional support and useful information to assist in the healing process. Our extensive grief resource library for public and professional use contains books, brochures, referrals, audio and video tapes, and other reference material. Please join us and together we will work through our grief, "Step By Step".

For more information, please call (440) 992-2191 and ask for our Aftercare Coordinators.

You Are Cordially Invited

to our annual "Candle of Love" service in memory of loved ones through the years.

We offer a Memorial Service, Burden Basket Ceremony, Holiday Help Packet, Recording of Names in the "Book of Memories," Candle of Love Cards and Refreshments.

Wishing you Peace and the Light of Love in the Holiday Season. Family and Friends welcome.