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Pet Cremations

As funeral directors in Ashtabula County for nearly 150 years, we have seen many customs and received many special requests as we have assisted families with the loss of a loved one. In some cases, we find that the loss of an animal companion is as traumatic as the loss of any other member of a family.

As many of you know, we have been assisting families in the area who, when experiencing the loss of a pet, prefer cremation. We work with a family who has lost a pet just as we would any other family who has lost a loved one, with sensitive care and compassion.

Ducro Services has a NEW crematory exclusively for pets; the ONLY one in Ashtabule County.

Ducro's Pet Luv Crematory offers several advantages that traditional animal crematories cannot.

We can make the removal of the pet from the home of the family when the death occurs.

We can deliver the cremated remains to the family or hold them to be picked-up, whichever best meets the family's needs.

Ducro's Pet Luv offers a wide selection of personalized urns to hold the remains, as well as lovely keepsakes to be treasured by the entire family. Every family receives a helpful brochure on pet loss and bereavement.

Ducro's Pet Luv Crematory is planning an annual service of remembrance for those who have lost their pets.

Our staff is experienced in discussing the impact and healing process with a family bereaved at the loss of a loved one.

A return of remains in 48 hours or sooner is possible, if necessary.

The cremation of your pet occurs privately on our premises in our own crematory and the family may be present to witness if desired.