This section contains useful information on the services we provide such as aftercare services, pet cremations as well as limousine services.

Cremation And Traditional Funeral Services - Service Packages

This section contains our service packages. Please call the funeral home for furthur pricing information

Cremation And Traditional Funeral Services - Individual Services

The goods and services shown below are those we can provide to our customers. You may choose only the items you desire.

Defining Your Loved One With A Personalized Funeral

Often a loved one has a special hobby that reflects his or her interests and personality. It could be fishing, an avid interest in old cars, sailing, power boating, model trains, quilting, football, cooking, gardening...

Lessening The Emotional Impact Of Purchasing Funeral Products

Ducro Funeral Home and Crematory has introduced a revolutionary way of showing caskets and other funeral products. The homes at 4524 Elm St., and 500 W. Prospect Rd, Ashtabula are two of the first in the nation to install a York Funeral Materials & Memorial Room from The York Group, Inc. of Houston, Texas. 

Your Specialized And Custom Funeral Coaches

A very fine original combination coach by Superior. One very special option that this coach has is that it is a three-way combination, the only one we have ever seen. Slide-out rollers extend from the side doors allowing the coach to be loaded from either side.