Defining Your Loved One With A Personalized Funeral

Often a loved one has a special hobby that reflects his or her interests and personality. It could be fishing, an avid interest in old cars, sailing, power boating, model trains, quilting, football, cooking, gardening...

with our skills we are able to create a loving tribute to your loved one. From casket designs, obituaries,  music,  memorial books, flowers, and keepsake momentos we can give the personal touch to memorialize your loved one.

Our Certified Celebrants can assist with planning and creating the service that recognizes the individuality of your loved one.

Perhaps the workplace is a source of pride and accomplishment. Thirty years on the same job can define not only the individual but the family, too. Do you have your own business? Was it started by your father, mother, or grandparents? Have you retired and handed it down to your sons and daughters? 

Our hobby, workplace and life interests shape us. It only makes sense to celebrate who we are by including our life's interests in our funeral ceremony. We, the entire Ducro family, pledge to create as loving and significant a service as you desire. Tell us what defines you, and we will be sure to include that part of you in our services.