Lessening The Emotional Impact Of Purchasing Funeral Products

Ducro Funeral Home and Crematory has introduced a revolutionary way of showing caskets and other funeral products. The homes at 4524 Elm St., and 500 W. Prospect Rd, Ashtabula are two of the first in the nation to install a York Funeral Materials & Memorial Room from The York Group, Inc. of Houston, Texas. 

Unlike a conventional display room where caskets are lined up open, the concept makes the selection more emotionally comfortable. It was developed by Dr. Alton Doody. The display features sections of caskets, along with textile interior samples and other visual materials, to convey all the information families need to make the right decision.

The result, is that customers are offered a much wider choice of caskets, cremation products, monuments, vigil lights, keepsakes, and other funeral-related items for comparison and choice. "Our  casket selection room creates a more relaxed atmosphere," he said. "The system significantly increases the comfort level and helps remove some of the stress most grieving families feel when arrangements are made at the time of personal loss."

The decision to bring in a Matthews-Aurora wasn't made overnight, he said. "I studied it carefully and am thoroughly convinced of its value. Those who have used it here already have strongly confirmed our faith in the presentation with their extremely favorable responses. I'm so pleased to be the first to offer this to the families of our community. We're always seeking ways to improve our services for the benefit of the consumer," Ducro said.

Ducro Funeral Service & Crematory, founded in 1853, is the Ashtabula area's oldest continuously family owned and operated firm with exceptional facilities as well as outreach services to homes, churches, and other suitable locations and an on-premises cremator. It is a recipient of the National Funeral Director's Association Pursuit of Excellence Eagle Award, the highest award in funeral service for advanced professional achievement and certification, compassionate service, innovation, public education and community service.