Funeral Coaches

Ducro Services has four unique funeral coaches:

Our 2014  midnight blue Lincoln Superior Coach for that sleek new look, it's rounded corners and smooth lines add a contemporary look to any funeral procession.

 Our 2001 Cadillac Flower Coach with stainless steel over  a lowered back half giving you a very traditional  look as seen in the movie, "The Godfather." This coach allows for the funeral flowers to be placed on the top and displayed during the procession to the cemetery, creating a very dramatic and formal funeral procession.  It is the only one of its kind in Ashtabula County and the surrounding area. 

Our blue over white  1995 Cadillac coach takes you back to quieter times in the history of the funeral coach. It has a higher profile and allows for flowers to be placed inside and transported to the cemetery with your loved one.

Our 1984 white Cadillac is a classic, it is beautiful inside and out and still runs great having less then 20,000 miles on it.  Families enjoy this car and the feeling of going back in time to the "Simple Days". 

With many options in our funeral fleet we are sure to meet the needs of all of our families during their most difficult time. 

Our Horse-Drawn Carriage harkens to the past when the pace was slower and funeral service was one of formality. The Percherons pulling the coach are docile and well trained,  adding to the solemnness  and dignity of the procession. The slow journey to the cemetery either walking behind the coach or driving in procession offers time for reflection.